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Common Mistakes In Immigration Applications And Petitions


A petition refers to a general request by a foreign citizen who is applying for a legal status or a visa of living in the US. These petitions are made to the U.S Customs and Immigration Service. This is the body which is responsible for determining how a person can adjust his or her status, change or renew a visa as well as becoming a lawful permanent citizen or resident. This body also deals with people who are willing to bring employees or relatives to the United States. Such petitions are very critical. People often make some mistakes in their petition which ends up affecting their application. These are some of the common mistakes made by people in their petitions.

Using different addresses and namesloiugedvegeggvcoig

It is the duty and responsibility of the USCIS to look for the consistency in the voluminous paperwork and applications they receive. You are advised to use your names and addresses consistently. This will make their work easier, and you will save your time. Make sure that all your names are spelled correctly throughout your paperwork. The address used should also be the correct permanent address. Tell them exactly where you live.


Failure to update the address after relocating to a different place

It is mandatory for everyone to inform USCIS after relocating from another place to another. Different places have different physical addresses. You should inform them within 10 days. You should also make sure that all the required copies are submitted.

Four things happen after someone has finished his petition. They include the following:

  • Double-checking to ensure that everything is completed and duly signed
  • Making extra copies of your documents
  • Verifying that the petition is sent to the right address
  • Finally, shipping is done after the receipt is proved

Giving incorrect information to the USCIS

You should never lie to the USCIS  since this is considered to one of the greatest mistakes. Some people lie when filling the immigration forms. Even the smallest lies could ruin your perfect petition. You would rather admit to some issues and address those issues head on rather than just ignoring them. In fact lying is considered to be a criminal record, and you might be convicted once USCIS discovers that you have provided misleading information.

Using an unlicensed consultant

You are advised to hire an immigration consultant when presenting your petition. This professional is expected to sign the petition on your behalf. The unlicensed consultants are not permitted to practice law when it comes to immigration.