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Tips for choosing the right criminal defense attorney

Criminal law is premised on various fundamental principles, but the presumption of innocence is the most prevalent in most common law jurisdictions around the globe. Article 11 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, states that “Everyone charged with a penal offense has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty.” It is, therefore, vital to secure the services of a criminal defense attorney who is well versed with the law and thus capable of protecting your interests in any given case. In a criminal trial, the prosecution who represent the state will substantively persuade the court to find you guilty of crimes against the state whereas the criminal defense attorney is primed to defend your case and absolve you of any liability.

In this regard, it is discernable that choosing the right lawyer is pertinent to the success of your case. Similarly, if you do not wish to procure the services of a lawyer, it is inevitable that your rights and freedom may be alienated due to professional incompetence. Over time, the legal profession has witnessed a rise in the number of attorneys worldwide and you can thus visit this link for more information on criminal law. Therefore, you ought to take the following tips into consideration when you are selecting an ideal criminal defense attorney.

Criminal law experience

In any profession, it is common knowledge that experience enhances skill and expertise. Experience involves the length of the years of practiced as well as the number of criminal cases that an attorney has successfully litigated. A lawyer might have practiced for a short period, but it is possible to accumulate a sufficient number of cases within such time. Therefore you ought to adequately make this distinction when choosing the ideal attorney.


A good attorney always has a glowing reputation within the corridors of justice. Clients, former clients and fellow legal practitioners are best placed to render valid opinions on any particular attorney. Hence, you are advised to research carefully and understand the strengths or weaknesses of a lawyer before engaging his services. Also, you may visit their respective websites to adduce the customer feedback therein.

Client service

The way you are served and welcomed in a law firm goes a long way in depicting the manner in which they will handle your case. A lackadaisical manner of service should not instill any sense of confidence in your case. It is essential that each client is served by a partner in the firm that dedicates full attention in his respective case.