Family law

Tips That Would Help You To Understand Your Child Support


As a parent, you are required to continue supporting your children when you separate with your partner or in the case of divorce. Here are some of the tips that would help you in navigating through the system successfully when such a situation arises.

Determining who gets the primary custody

You should not mistake prtfvbhgfcvhjgtimary custody to mean sole custody. Primary custody means that the child’s parent who will have to spend much time with the child. For instance, the child might opt to spend his school days with his mom and all the weekends with dad. In this case, the child is spending much of his time with the mother, and therefore she becomes the primary custodian. This one of the crucial factors considered by the judge when he or she is making a decision on matters related to monetary support obligation.

Preparing an income statement the amount of money to be spent by the child upon the separation of the parents must b decided. The contribution of each parent must be determined. An income statement is used as evidence by the judge since it is a true reflection of your wages.

Seeking legal representation

It is recommended that you file for your child’s support through a lawyer even though you can do it on your own. This is the best way of ensuring that your child is given the adequate support needs especially if you happen to be the primary custodian. The attorney’s knowledge is required in determining how much you should pay. This professional ensures that you do not pay any figure which is above the reasonable amount.

Making the necessary adjustments

Adjustments are necessary where there is a change in income affecting one of the parents. Such adjustment makes one of the parents to contribute more amount of money for catering for the child. A lawyer is very helpful in determining if you are warranted to get any adjustment.

The order does not stop at the age of eighteen years

Most people assume that the child is not entitled to support after attaining the age of 18 years. This is not the case. Most of the orders cover the child until he or she finishes school including the college level. However, there are some exceptions to this law especially if the child has a disability which might render her or him unable to work.

Taking steps to ensure the order is enforced

The necessary steps are taken that both parents pay the agreed amount. One is forced to pay if he or she fails to honor the order given by the judge. A case manager is assigned to both parties to ensure that they comply with the court decision.