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Do you need to hire a real estate lawyer?


A real estate attorney is important in real estate transactions. You need to get the services of a lawyer to make sure that everything is done according to the legal requirements and also avoid scams. There are some many real estate scams today, and you want to avoid being part of the statistics. An attorney at will always make sure that you are on the safe side when making real estate transactions. When looking for an attorney, make sure that you look for one who has experience with real estate transactions.

Services offered by a real estate lawyer

Taking care of the documentationeqwewqeqqw

A real estate lawyer will help you with real estate documentation, and this is important before you sell or buy any property. Preparing documentation and doing paperwork is not easy as many people think. You need to contact the various agencies that are involved in the process, and this requires doing a lot of legwork. If you don’t have the time and the resources to do the documentation and paperwork, then you need to the services of a lawyer.

Help with negotiation

In every real estate transaction, there are negotiations involved in the process. You need to consult and negotiate with the various stakeholders before you finally seal the deal. These stakeholders are important before you buy or sell your property. A real estate attorney will represent you during these negotiations and make sure that your interests are protected in the process.

Reviewing the transaction

Real estate scams are common, and many people become victims every day. It is important to take time and review real estate transaction and make sure that everything is genuine. Real estate lawyers are good at doing background checks to make sure that everything has been done according to the law. They will take time and review the transaction and correct any ambiguous areas of the transaction to make sure everything is clear.


Litigation process

Real estate deals go sour all the time, and it is important to seek the services of a real estate attorney if you feel cheated in a real estate transaction. The work of the attorney is to make sure that you get justice and your interest is protected. Depending on your case, your lawyer might decide to go to court or solve the case outside the court.

Common Mistakes In Immigration Applications And Petitions


A petition refers to a general request by a foreign citizen who is applying for a legal status or a visa of living in the US. These petitions are made to the U.S Customs and Immigration Service. This is the body which is responsible for determining how a person can adjust his or her status, change or renew a visa as well as becoming a lawful permanent citizen or resident. This body also deals with people who are willing to bring employees or relatives to the United States. Such petitions are very critical. People often make some mistakes in their petition which ends up affecting their application. These are some of the common mistakes made by people in their petitions.

Using different addresses and namesloiugedvegeggvcoig

It is the duty and responsibility of the USCIS to look for the consistency in the voluminous paperwork and applications they receive. You are advised to use your names and addresses consistently. This will make their work easier, and you will save your time. Make sure that all your names are spelled correctly throughout your paperwork. The address used should also be the correct permanent address. Tell them exactly where you live.


Failure to update the address after relocating to a different place

It is mandatory for everyone to inform USCIS after relocating from another place to another. Different places have different physical addresses. You should inform them within 10 days. You should also make sure that all the required copies are submitted.

Four things happen after someone has finished his petition. They include the following:

  • Double-checking to ensure that everything is completed and duly signed
  • Making extra copies of your documents
  • Verifying that the petition is sent to the right address
  • Finally, shipping is done after the receipt is proved

Giving incorrect information to the USCIS

You should never lie to the USCIS  since this is considered to one of the greatest mistakes. Some people lie when filling the immigration forms. Even the smallest lies could ruin your perfect petition. You would rather admit to some issues and address those issues head on rather than just ignoring them. In fact lying is considered to be a criminal record, and you might be convicted once USCIS discovers that you have provided misleading information.

Using an unlicensed consultant

You are advised to hire an immigration consultant when presenting your petition. This professional is expected to sign the petition on your behalf. The unlicensed consultants are not permitted to practice law when it comes to immigration.

Tips That Would Help You To Understand Your Child Support


As a parent, you are required to continue supporting your children when you separate with your partner or in the case of divorce. Here are some of the tips that would help you in navigating through the system successfully when such a situation arises.

Determining who gets the primary custody

You should not mistake prtfvbhgfcvhjgtimary custody to mean sole custody. Primary custody means that the child’s parent who will have to spend much time with the child. For instance, the child might opt to spend his school days with his mom and all the weekends with dad. In this case, the child is spending much of his time with the mother, and therefore she becomes the primary custodian. This one of the crucial factors considered by the judge when he or she is making a decision on matters related to monetary support obligation.

Preparing an income statement the amount of money to be spent by the child upon the separation of the parents must b decided. The contribution of each parent must be determined. An income statement is used as evidence by the judge since it is a true reflection of your wages.

Seeking legal representation

It is recommended that you file for your child’s support through a lawyer even though you can do it on your own. This is the best way of ensuring that your child is given the adequate support needs especially if you happen to be the primary custodian. The attorney’s knowledge is required in determining how much you should pay. This professional ensures that you do not pay any figure which is above the reasonable amount.

Making the necessary adjustments

Adjustments are necessary where there is a change in income affecting one of the parents. Such adjustment makes one of the parents to contribute more amount of money for catering for the child. A lawyer is very helpful in determining if you are warranted to get any adjustment.

The order does not stop at the age of eighteen years

Most people assume that the child is not entitled to support after attaining the age of 18 years. This is not the case. Most of the orders cover the child until he or she finishes school including the college level. However, there are some exceptions to this law especially if the child has a disability which might render her or him unable to work.

Taking steps to ensure the order is enforced

The necessary steps are taken that both parents pay the agreed amount. One is forced to pay if he or she fails to honor the order given by the judge. A case manager is assigned to both parties to ensure that they comply with the court decision.